about nVert skateboards

who we are

nVert skateboards is approaching the skateboard industry with a radical new concept that breaks all the traditional models of skate shops. Our new model is designed to give you what you need to perform as the skater you want to be, develop your skills, collaborate and learn from others. We are bringing the world of skateboarding to you and we challenge you to join us in this new revolution with skaters around the world.

the near future

We will be introducing a new way of getting your skateboards and an entirely new way to interact with the skateboard world. That is all we can say at this time, but if you would like to be updated on the progress of our projects, signup >>here<< and updates will be sent to your email.

about our skateboards

nVert skateboards are made with the best quality Canadian maple for all 7 ply’s. Each ply is run through a glue machine to apply the perfect amount of glue before being placed in the skateboard mold.

A hydraulic press is used to apply just the right amount of pressure to bond the glue and ply’s together and create the concave shape. The uncut deck is then cured 48 hours before cutting the skateboard shape. The deck is machine cut with precision to ensure all decks have the same shape every time.

A team of skilled professionals perform the final sanding and inspect for imperfections on the surface. Once the skateboard passes final inspections, a clear lacquer paint is applied on the wood to seal in the correct amount of moisture and then the graphic is applied with one-of-a-kind heat transfer system.

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